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Call Center Services

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BelServest is able to deploy leading edge, fully proven systems such as Project Programming, Process Mapping, Supply Chain Management and Partnering techniques to ensure projects and cost are delivered at optimum resource levels.

Help Desk Services

The Helpdesk will allow for the following:

Logging and recording of all service requests and facility related complaints

The generation of unique call reference numbers for the purpose of user follow-up and audit trail. This allows the operator to both follow-up on the progress of each call and provide regular and meaningful feedback to the client. 


Will play the main role in monitoring service delivery against SLA and penalty regime. The categorizing of calls in order to build up historical statistics in terms of maintenance requirements and cost. This data is valuable in terms of analyzing staff usage, monitoring building systems performance and tracking cost.

The allocation of calls to service providers, whether BelServest Staff or contractors, in order to ensure that the correct party receives the appropriate call. This allows us to measure performance against individual SLAs and to ensure that contractors are providing the agreed service within the agreed time and quality. Statistics drawn from this component allow for penalties to be implemented where applicable. 


The prioritization of calls into priority groups agreed with the client in order to ensure that calls are dealt with in terms of their relevance and impact on the operations. The accurate locating of the call to enable BelServest to isolate the problem in the shortest possible time. The recording of levels of completion and future work details to enable the operator to provide meaningful feedback to the client.


Linking the repeated maintenance request and fault report to specific assets in order to build up asset maintenance statistics. This allows BelServest to both monitor the success of planned preventative maintenance and establish replacement needs, the generation of a full range of qualitative and quantitative reports and graphs designed to allow BelServest and the client to easily establish maintenance trends and call statistic.

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