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Facilities Management




We work with facilities management clients, their customers and internal stakeholders to establish a facilities management strategy, executed through effective operational and management processes.

Clients rightfully expect their facilities management service providers to identify maintenance needs and address them timeously and effectively. BelServest FM views maintenance as a predictive science based on life cycle costing and employs skilled technicians to ensure the environment is maintained in accordance with the client’s specifications.

The goal of our maintenance philosophy is to improve the client’s bottom line, as opposed to simply reducing maintenance spend. We achieve this by preventing downtime and failures, and ensuring optimal asset life and availability.


Based on the maintenance plan and condition assessments. Setting maintenance schedules improves the accuracy of operational budgets for assets and asset systems, which reduces costs associated with failures.

Lifecycle management of assets in order to increase availability and operability of assets, reduce forced outages and their adverse impact on operations, make more resources available for other activities, and reduce capital financing costs.

Planned/preventative maintenance based on information obtained from the initial due diligence, annual maintenance inspections, routine and ad hoc quality control inspections, and analysis of help desk reports and work orders.

Reactive maintenance processed through our national help desk. A reactive response service and normal/routine response service to attend to faults or breakdowns. In emergencies, we will follow the agreed approval process to stabilise the situation as soon as possible, before generating an action plan, and cost estimate, to return to the status quo.

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